The rock band, Screamin’ Meanies, has a fan club that publishes a monthly newsletter. Expenses are $.35 for printing and mailing each copy, plus $770 total for research, writing and other costs. The price of the newsletter is $.55 per copy. How many copies of the newsletter must the club sell to break even each month?

Accepted Solution

" break even " is when ur expenses = revenue.....there is no profit made when u break even

expenses : 0.35x + 770
revenue (ur income) : 0.55x

so they have to equal to break even...so set them equal to each other and solve for x
0.35x + 770 = 0.55x
770 = 0.55x - 0.35x
770 = 0.2x
770 / 0.2 = x
3850 = x <== they must sell 3850 copies to break even